3 Ways To Embrace Linens And Build Your Haute Couture Collection

Heirlooms and gifts have an existence of their own. If you've ever worn Linen, you know it effortlessly becomes a staple of your closet and a companion that is worth keeping close! Like great friendships, Linen is long-lasting and time-bearing. Crafted from the toughest natural fibre in the world, your favourite fusion kurtas have a chance to become a cherished fashion heirloom for generations to come!

Linen is for a confident and contemporary woman of today who still has plenty to do on her to-do list; Since it requires least of the care treatment, making time for other good things in life is never tough. Ensemble designed from this amazing fabric is easy to wash and maintain. You may choose to soak them in the machine, rinse them or leave them to dry! You can pretty much do whatever you like! Iron your linens, or let the elegance and charm of the little folds show up. Feel effortless and gorgeous; choosing Linen means choosing fashion on the go.

Now when it comes down to the seasons, the fabric is game for all. Linen works amazingly well for both summers and winters. Their clothing lines are like a warm embrace, shielding you from outside weather and keeping you comfy in the cold. Linen is free of sweat-patch, unlike woollens. Instead of making you sweaty and itchy, it cosies you by keeping your body warm and releasing excess air.

For summertimes, you want a fabric that's breathable and helps set the cooling and drying effect in motion. Linen has a structure that guarantees that the clothes don't get clingy. Instead, they absorb moisture and dry out quickly. Make your sun time fun and breezy, as these Linen kurtas keep the dampness, the heat and the summers at bay. And that's not all, Linen is reusable, recyclable and renewable. Interestingly, it's more sustainable than cotton. This is because Linen is grown from flax, which grows in arid regions, it needs very little water, and can be fully utilized.

Now that we have got your full attention after having made a compelling case in favour of amazing linens and how they ought to be a must-have part of your wardrobe, it's time to present you top three designers picks from our Fusion collection to make your purchase choice a tad bit easier. So, let's started.

Self-Pattern A-Line Linen Kurta

Self-Pattern A-Line Linen Kurta

Despite all the gaudiness and pompousness around, there's something about subtlety that seldom fails to leave an impression behind. And, this gorgeous Linen A-Line Kurta in subdued and yet classy tone reeks of simplicity. Coordinate with standard white pants to accentuate your frame—the minimalistic self-pattern honey-comb design on the base is another hard-to-miss feature that makes the piece stand out.

Notched-up Mandarin neckline with the faux buttoned front styling keeps the allure of the dressing alive, while the comfortable and breathable fabric makes it easy to carry the outfit all day long.

A-Line Kurta With Side Pockets

A-Line Kurta With Side Pockets

This A-line fusion kurta is a pure treat for the eyes. You can pair it up with a contrasting bottom to pull off a minimalistic yet a classy and polished look. With no ebbing to the flowing silhouette, the splayed hemlines run fluidly, emphasizing the body frame, Eye-catchy embroidered pockets on both sides further accentuate the design further and bring the attention onto you.

Round neckline with faux buttoned front and elegantly embroidered chicken pockets are somethings that are hard to give a miss. A super chic and comfortable linen fabric ultimately puts the attire high on the ease-of-use quotient as well.

Short-length Linen Pleated Kurta

Short-length Linen Pleated Kurta

The bright and pristine white tone of this pleated Linen aptly highlighted by faux buttoned V neckline perfectly coordinates with a contrasting pant, making it a smart and classy choice to accent your everyday look.

Pleat detailing on the front is the highlight of the ensemble that imparts it a minimalistic and yet chic appeal. The breathable fabric makes it easy to carry piece that can be worn all day long.

Linen isn't merely a concept; it's a safe, comfortable and wise choice. Experience the essence of this incredible fabric with Barara and let it bring out the uniqueness in you. We house the assorted collection of Linens in many colours and shades. Check it out < here>

January 23, 2021 — Gurpreet Singh